Regular Rates

We offer sessions with the option of choosing how much you want to pay. No matter how much you pay, you'll be getting the same experience as anyone else. We trust that people are honest and will support the practice with what they can afford.

Alternative Experiences

Some people like to step outside of the box. Once you experience Forest Therapy for the first time you can help yourself to other ideas about it. Below are some of the other ways you can experience Nature and Forest Therapy.

  • A maintenance practice would be a weekly practice.
  • A therapeutic practice would be twice per week.

Please contact me via email for maintenance or therapeutic practice. We can negotiate for times.

  • Group Presentation lecture and nugget experience. (Call for rates)
  • Combo - a hike and forest bathing. This combo will be a separate type of forest bathing. We will begin with a hike to an area deeper into the woods/prairie. The hike will be a half hour  leaving two hours for the Forest Therapy session and a half hour hike back. Price: $30/person
  • Group rate: Minimum: 7 people $25/person
  • Private rate: $90 for 2 hours
  • Private rate at your own property: $120
  • Day long retreat: Includes a forest bathing session, sitspot, check-ins, shared picnic lunch time, closing shared tea. Individual rate: $160. Group retreat with a minimum of 3 people is $150/individual.
  • Forest Bathing with your dog - $35/per dog/person team.
  • Value Package: 4 guide sessions for $100
  • Women Connecting With Nature: There will be 4 sessions spread out over the 2020 season.