What is Nature and Forest Therapy?

It’s the rediscovery of something we’ve always known - that we are part of rather than separate from Nature. In order to experience this rediscovery we are in the best position if we slow down and become present in the moment in nature. This is where the role of the guide becomes invaluable.

‘The Forest is the therapist and the guide opens the door.’

It’s Nature that does the therapeutic work. The Guide simply facilitates by opening the door to the connections. The Nature therapy guide does this by offering a sequence of sensory connecting invitations. The Guide crafts simple invitations inspired by nature. The invitations are set to help us to become more present in the moment, to explore, discover and feel connected to all that encompasses nature. By slowing down and quieting we miss less of what is going on around us. Often this sparks a creative flow. Among the many things that happen with the creative flow is the finding of our own heartfelt stories which can be shared at various times along the trail.

Indigenous people around the world acknowledge similar practices in their own cultures, including many of our own ancestors.

Here, in the 21st century, our connection with nature isn’t what it once was. Our technology has brought us to spend most of our time indoors. On a scale of human existence it’s only been a short time that we have spent more time indoors than out. Our bodies are designed to connect to the earth (nature). We are mostly made of water and electrical charges. The earth (nature) is electrically charged too. Is it possible we have fallen away from the original design causing failing health? Is connecting with nature bringing better health as studies have shown?

Are you ready to accept the opportunity and challenge to slow down and connect with Nature?